go through参加,all through 一直,through with 完成,through and…

go through参加,all through 一直,through with 完成,through and through 完全,go through with 把…进行到底,once through 单程的,carry through 完成。词组解析:

1、go through英 [ɡəʊ θruː] 美 [ɡoʊ θruː]参加;经受;仔细检查;通过例句:He was going through a very difficult time 他正处于非常艰难的时期。

2、all through英 [ɔːl θruː] 美 [ɔːl θruː] 一直;自始至终例句:She kept quiet all through breakfast. 早饭时,她从头到尾一声不吭的。

3、through and through英 [θruː ənd θruː] 美 [θruː ənd θruː] 彻底;完全例句:She is a liar through and through. 她是一个彻头彻尾的说谎者。

4、go through with英 [ɡəʊ θruː wɪð] 美 [ɡoʊ θruː wɪð] 将(决定的事)进行到底例句:She vowed she would go through with it. 她发誓要把此事进行到底。

5、carry through英 [ˈkæri θruː] 美 [ˈkæri θruː] (常指艰难地)做,完成例句:Let\’s carry through with the task. 让我们坚持完成任务。

Lies About Love 爱的谎言

David Herbert Lawrence 戴维·赫伯特·劳伦斯

We are all liars,because 我们都是说谎者,

The truth of yesterdaybecomes a lie tomorrow, 因为昨日的真理明天就会变成谎言。

Whereas letters are fixed, 但是文字永远不会改变,

And we live by the letter of truth. 我们信奉文字所描述的真理。

The love I feel for my friend,this year, 对于朋友的爱,

Isdifferent from the love i felt last year. 今年我的感受与去年不再一样。

If it were not so,it would be a lie. 如果不是这样,那就是我在说谎。

Yet we reiterate love!love!love! 然而我们一遍遍地说爱!爱!爱!

As if it were a coin with a fixed value 就像爱是一枚保值的硬币

Instead of a flower that dies, 而不是一朵花,

And opens a different bud. 自然凋落后又会开出另一朵。



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